For businesses

WEAR offers a wide range of wooden WEARables, fully customizable to your brand. Add custom engravings, mix different WEARables or add the logo of a client. Everything is possible.

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Wooden sunglasses

With custom logo engraving.

Wooden business cards

With custom logo and contact details.

Available with tech.

Wooden bracelets

With custom logo engraving.

Available with tech.

Wooden watches

With custom logo engraving.

Available with tech.


Series One

Handcrafted from unique pure Ebony and Olive wood with batteryless technology. Series One bracelets work with the WEAR business app.
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Pure edition

The WEAR Bracelets Pure are available in 4 different types of pure wood.


Pure wood

Choose between five different models of handcrafted wooden sunglasses.


Pure edition & Series One

Choose between the Pure Edition Watches without technology or the Series One watches with technology. Available in Ebony and Zebrano wood.

Business cards

Series One.

Wooden business cards that work with the WEAR business app. Always have your digital business card at hand.


Your WEARables.

All WEARables are customized to your wishes, with custoim engraving so they fit your organization's identity.


In WEAR for business.

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