Manager app

for businesses

The WEAR business manager app can be used to manage you organization’s WEARabes and employees. Easily assign digital business cards, add your organization branding and add employees or WEARables.

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Your organization’s WEARables.

Easily add WEARables to your organization and assign or unassign them to people in your organization.


Digital business cards.

Create digital business cards for all the people in your organization. The business card is available on their WEARable right away!


One uniform digital business card.

Design one unique digital business card for your organization. Add your logo, company colors or add your company videos and links, which will be available on all business cards right away.


Setup your organization’s your digital business card.

Contact details

Your name, email, phone, address and more.

Social profiles

LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Github, Twitter and more...

Personal background

Nature inspired backgrounds to give your card a personal touch.

Profile picture

Upload your personal profile picture to show people who you are.

Links, videos and portfolios

Add links and videos to show more about you and your work or hobbies.



Wooden business cards

With custom logo and contact details.

Compatible with app.

Wooden bracelets

With custom logo engraving.

Compatible with app.

Wooden watches

With custom logo engraving.

Compatible with app.


In WEAR for business.

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