WEAR for Businesses

Wooden WEARables

WEAR offers a complete solution to digitalize your organization’s business cards, automate door access, lighting and more with our wooden WEARables. We also offer wooden WEARables with or without technology as a business or employee gift.

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Customized to your organization's identity.

We offer WEARables with and without technology, We can adjust the WEARables to your organization’s brand identity by engraving a custom logo or design on each WEARable.



Wooden sunglasses

With custom logo engraving.

Wooden business cards

With custom logo and contact details.

Available with tech.

Wooden bracelets

With custom logo engraving.

Available with tech.

Wooden watches

With custom logo engraving.

Available with tech.


Your organization’s WEARables.

With our WEARables with technology you can easily add WEARables to your organization and assign or unassign them to people in your organization by using the WEAR app.
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Made from Wood.

WEAR aims to be a circular sustainable alternative to plastic wearables, which is why wood is being used as the primary material. As a material, wood is renewable, compostable, and has one of the lowest possible CO2 impacts, which makes it ideal in reducing the carbon footprint of wearables.


From sunglasses to business cards.

Choose or mix from WEARables, we currently offer wooden sunglasses, bracelets, watches and business cards.
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In WEAR for business.

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