Transforming a mindset.

WEAR by Happy.Green aims to transform a mindset, showing that sustainable products can also be beautiful, sustainable, design centric, and functional at the same time. WEAR by Happy.Green wants to showcase wearables not just as fashion accessories, but as multifunctional everyday tools in a smart and connected world.


Alternative to plastic.

WEAR aims to be a circular sustainable alternative to plastic wearables, which is why wood is being used as the primary material. As a material, wood is renewable, compostable, and has one of the lowest possible CO2 impacts, which makes it ideal in reducing the carbon footprint of wearables.

Aiming for a sustainable future.

Natural materials

Made to last

Designed to fit


Encouraging sustainable behavior.

To increase the positive social impact of the wearables, Happy.Green has created an online platform where non-profits, NGO’s, and local organisations can advertise their volunteering needs. Consumers can receive discounts and upgrades for the wearables through the online platform when doing voluntary work. Happy.Green wants to motivate people to engage in more sustainable behavior and make ‘doing good’ the norm instead of an exception.