About us. WEAR by Happy.Green

WEAR by Happy.Green aims to transform a mindset, showing that sustainable products can also be beautiful, sustainable, design centric, and functional at the same time. WEAR by Happy.Green wants to showcase wearables not just as fashion accessories, but as multifunctional everyday tools in a smart and connected world.


In the Media.

image <strong>Happy.Green Retreat</strong>

Happy.Green Retreat

World’s first portable smart eco retreat

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Sustainable and innovative initiatives against food waste


In Eindhoven, The Netherlands

From our headquarters in the center of Eindhoven, we collaborate and create together, all over the world. Come visit our Concept Store located in Eindhoven, Vertical Forest Trudo Tower, Leidingstraat 8.

3 short principles

Every concept we design and develop together, has to adhere to 3 short principles:

It needs to be sustainable

It needs to be innovative

It needs to make you smile