The WEAR bands and glasses were featured on this year’s Dutch Design Week exhibition. Visitors could try on the bands and glasses for the first time and see how the technology worked.


Various new protoypes were presented as well. The feedback gathered online and offline during the Dutch Design Week helps a great deal in improving the sustainable WEAR concepts. 


The WEAR lab is constantly trying to find and create new sustainable ways of utilizing the Earth’s renewable resources by experimenting with different natural and sustainable materials.

Positive social impact.

To increase the positive social impact of the wearables, we have created an online platform where non-profits, NGO’s, and local organisations can advertise their volunteering needs. Consumers can receive discounts and upgrades for the wearables through the online platform when doing voluntary work. 

Sustainable concepts.

We also featured other sustainable concepts, such as the Happy.Green Retreat, which is the world’s first portable smart eco retreat, and the HappyEat project, which lets restaurants and users deal more efficiently with food. These projects have already been launched in parts of Latin America and Europe.