Series One



Series One

Digital business card

When others with touch your WEARable with their phone they can see your digital business card and add it to their phone right away!


Perzonalize your digital business card.

Contact details

Your name, email, phone, address and more.

Social profiles

LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Github, Twitter and more...

Personal background

Nature inspired backgrounds to give your card a personal touch.

Profile picture

Nature inspired backgrounds to give your card a personal touch.

Links, videos and portfolios

Add links and videos to show more about you and your work or hobbies.

How it works.

  1. Get a WEARable

    You need a Series One WEARable in order to add your Digital Business card to.

  2. Download WEAR App

    Download the WEAR app in the Google play store or Apple app store and start configuring your WEARable.

  3. Add your digital business card

    Add your digital business card to your WEARable and share it with others.

  4. Add your favorite actions

    Add your favorite actions to your WEARable and start automating your daily routine.

2 types.

Unique wood.

Handcrafted from unique pure Ebony and Olive wood.

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Your profile.

Customize your profile in th WEAR app, choose your background, add your personal details and more.


Add yours.

Add your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Github or other social media accounts so others can easily visit them.

Easily share.

With others.

Share your personal profile by letting others tap your WEARable with their phone. Or simply use the shareable link to share your WEAR profile via e-mail, messages or other platforms.


Business cards.

Looking for a wooden business card? We also have wooden business cards. You can leave your e-mail here for more information.